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Plumbing company offers advice to keep pipes intact


East Texas plumbers are busy; very busy, and it’s picked up because of the cold weather freezing water lines.

We got some advice from a Longview plumbing company that had already received 48 calls by lunchtime. If you’re having plumbing issues you may have to wait a little longer than usual, but they will get to you. Calls have nearly doubled for some plumbers, and they expect more of the same until temperatures rise above freezing.

Patrick Pither, vice president of Pither Plumbing has some advice you may have heard before

“Just leave the hot water running a little bit on your faucet. It doesn’t have to be flowing too much. Just so there’s a little bit of flow going through it,” Patrick said.

That and open cabinets may be all it takes to keep people like his employee Ron Iker from digging a hole in your yard.

“Looks like thin-walled pipe froze up and busted,” Ron said.

Ron thinks the pipe broke at a Longview residence because it froze then thawed weakening the pipe. He believes hot water trickling through faucets in the house will keep more water circulating than running the cold.

Of course pier and beam homes are more susceptible.

“The cold air, the drafts can get underneath the houses and freeze those lines pretty easily. So just be mindful to keep them insulated,” Patrick advised.

It may take some work getting your pipes covered, but it’s a lot cheaper than what could happen. Concrete slab homes with burst pipes under the foundation can get very pricey.

“It could go into the thousands of dollars to do that, just for the plumbing part of the deal. That’s not even counting the floor covering and those other residual things you’ll have to do,” Patrick stated.

So wrap the pipes, open the cabinets and let the hot trickle for an uninterrupted flow.

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