Longview Recall Petition Underway

After watching their city council members point fingers at each other, in last night's emotionally charged Longview city council meeting; some Longview residences have had enough, and a petition drive is now underway to oust councilwoman Karen Hailey. For district one voters, a common emotion is fueling their efforts on a recall petition.

"It is embarrassing, but you know it's embarrassing for every person in Longview, I don't care whether you live on the north side south side" said District 1 resident Kay Driggers.

Voters in district one, like Brenda Cook were shocked at learning of e-mails authored by Karen Hailey containing racial slurs and even more angered at Haileys conduct and public response at last nights council meeting.

"We're very disappointed and we really would like to see this matter over with, we're gonna have petitions for the recall of Karen Hailey" said petition organizer Shannon Stafford.

"I plan on walking the neighborhood in my area and getting people to sign the petition, and I don't think I'll have any trouble getting enough signatures" said former Hailey supporter Brenda Cook.

Several businesses played host for petition signing, with many of those signing angry at the entire city council. Longview church leaders are equally angry at the mayor over the entire racial e-mail incident.

"I'm concerned Mr. Mayor that you received the e-mails in February and waited until September to make it known" said Reverend H.C. Rockmore of Red Oak baptist church.

1704 signatures are required from district one voters to force a recall election.

Bob Hallmark reporting.