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Easy winter preps could save homeowners thousands of dollars


East Texas will see bitterly cold temperatures yet again Monday night and Tuesday morning, which means residents need to take some extra steps to protect their homes and their pets.

Local homebuilders say it’s especially important to wrap up any exposed pipes outside with either foam faucet covers or washcloths and duct tape that you may already have laying around the house.

Other home tips include leaving your faucets dripping with cabinets under sinks open to allow heat to keep the pipes warm. Homeowners should also remember to turn off their sprinkler systems, which can also freeze overnight.

“There are three types of pipes used in home building,” said Anwar Khalifa of Pyramid Homes. “Depending on the kind of piping you have could be how lucky or unlucky you are. If it's a busted pipe, repairs are just cutting out the busted portion and replacing it, but any plumber is not going to be cheap coming out with all the frozen pipes and they're all going to be pretty busy.”

But when it comes to pets, veterinarians said the best bet is to move them inside. That’s because no matter how warm their outdoor shelter may be, without an additional heat source like a heat lamp, animals cannot safely survive the bitterly cold weather.

“Little dogs and older dogs need to come inside, especially if they’ve had kidney problems in the past,” said Bullard veterinarian Dr. John Alexander.

Experts recommend that you take the extra winter preparation steps, as it could save you thousands of dollars in lieu of what it would cost to make repairs.

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