Massive Hornets Nest Growing Inside An Abandoned Car

It took over 100,000 workers, lots of dirt, wood fibers and saliva to make one East Texas creation. Hornets have made a massive nest inside an old abandoned car in Smith County.
Neighbors say the nest has been growing for the past 8 months. Bee keepers estimate the hive is about 5 feet in width and stretches far underneath the hood of the car.
Neighbors say the solution to the problem isn't going to come from a can of bug spray.
"I've found bees nest and was nests around here through the years," said neighbor Mike Buzbee. "They've never been anything major to contend with. Grab a can of spray and spray them down and that was it. I'd have to have a 55 gallon can of spray to do anything with this."
Bee keeper Ken Majors says it was a rare sight for his eyes. "I've done quite a few swarms even in the city and around Tyler," Ken said, "but I've never seen a hornets nest that big."
Neighbors have contacted exterminators to destroy the nest. Texas A&M university has also been contacted. The university may capture the nest and study it.

Maya Golden reporting,