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10/15/04-Smith County

Massive Hornets Nest Growing Inside An Abandoned Car

It took over 100,000 workers, lots of dirt, wood fibers and saliva to make one East Texas creation. Hornets have made a massive nest inside an old abandoned car in Smith County.
Neighbors say the nest has been growing for the past 8 months. Bee keepers estimate the hive is about 5 feet in width and stretches far underneath the hood of the car.
Neighbors say the solution to the problem isn't going to come from a can of bug spray.
"I've found bees nest and was nests around here through the years," said neighbor Mike Buzbee. "They've never been anything major to contend with. Grab a can of spray and spray them down and that was it. I'd have to have a 55 gallon can of spray to do anything with this."
Bee keeper Ken Majors says it was a rare sight for his eyes. "I've done quite a few swarms even in the city and around Tyler," Ken said, "but I've never seen a hornets nest that big."
Neighbors have contacted exterminators to destroy the nest. Texas A&M university has also been contacted. The university may capture the nest and study it.

Maya Golden reporting,

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