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Authorities searching for men in Tahoe who beat a man, left him for dead in Gregg Co.


Investigators are now looking into a holiday celebration, attended by an East Texas man who was beaten and dumped in a parking lot.

Last Wednesday, Longview police found a man beaten in a parking lot in the 15-hundred block of highway 31.

Security video shows the disturbing image of suspects dumping the beaten body of a victim out in a parking lot off of Highway 31.

21-year-old Alfonzo Morales Hernandez was hospitalized with life threatening injuries.

"From the video, you can see a truck coming from the Kilgore direction pulling into a dark area. You also see the victims vehicle pulling in," says Longview police officer Kristie Brian.

Hernandez' fiancee says he lost a lot of blood, and had to get seven staples, after she says three people mugged him, took his SUV and left him for dead.

The video shows suspects even going through Hernandez pockets.

"A four-door truck ... my guess is he was sleeping in the truck. You can see 2 guys running back, then helps them dump my fiancee's body," says Jessica Pearson.

Investigators say Hernandez had attended a Christmas party earlier in the evening,  then was not accounted for until found the next morning.

"We really don't know where he was assaulted. He went to a party ... he said in Kilgore," Brian says.

But the video is too far away and too dark to give a better look.

Police believe finding his truck could fill in the blanks.

"His truck is still listed as stolen, so that is a big key to this incident," says Brian

Hernandez vehicle is a black Chevy Tahoe. Texas license plate number 9-2-l-6-5-7-6.

If you see it, you're asked to call police 

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