Police get new evidence in beating victim case

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - New light is being shed in the case of a man found badly beaten on Christmas morning. Last Wednesday, Longview Police found a man beaten in a parking lot in the 1500 block of Highway 31.  21 year old Alfonso Morales Hernandez had to be hospitalized.

"They had bashed his head, I don't know with what, but he had to get 7 staples. Lost a lot of blood. They mugged him and left him for dead," says fiance Jessica Pearson.

"A passerby found the victim unconscious in the parking lot. He did have some life-threatening injuries," says Longview Police Officer Kristie Brian.

Police didn't know exactly what went on until they got surveillance video from a business across the street.  Security video shows 3 people dumping Hernandez out of his own truck, then going through his pockets.

"They took his Tahoe and his wallet and all the belongings that were in his Tahoe," Pearson says.

Police say the video proves that the assault happened somewhere else.

"The victim was pulled out of the car so we know he didn't drive to the location," Brian says.

The attackers drove off, stealing the SUV that belonged to Hernandez.

"We can't tell anything about the other people involved from the video and he doesn't remember," Brian says.

Investigators say the SUV that belongs to Hernandez is still missing and listed stolen. It is a black Chevy Tahoe, licenses plate number 92L-6576.  If you see a Tahoe with those plates, you're asked to call police.

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