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Historic home devoured by flames Tuesday


A hundred-plus year old East Texas home went up in flames, and reignited twice, costing residents everything they own.

The fire started Monday afternoon at a home in the 400 block of east Main street in the historic district of Henderson.

A neighbor noticed that flames were shooting from the roof of the house which was built in 1910.

"I saw blazes up around the air conditioning unit up there. They were doing the best they could; it's a hard one to put out. I was afraid it could get out of hand 'cause it's old and it's solid wood," says neighbor John Hollie.

Fire crews initially doused the blaze and saved the lower portion of the two story structure, but almost as soon as they left it was on fire again. 

"I saw smoke that I thought was leftover smoke so I didn't pay too much attention to it, but a little later the fire trucks were back and they had to put it out again," Hollie says.

 Six people lost nearly everything in the blaze, because before they could get back to salvage anything, it rekindled again.

"I walked around and I saw fire on the other side so I called the fire department a third time," says Hollie.

Many of these families have known each other for generations.

"I knew the people that live here forever. It was three generations I saw in that house.  I'm glad they didn't see this," Hollis says.

Everyone was able to get out unharmed. Firefighters stayed on scene all night.

Residents are being helped by The Red Cross, and a relief fund is being established.

Investigators have not yet determined what caused the fire.

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