Ruben Rios

Ruben Rios

Outgoing, lovable, handsome, funny, thoughtful, and a blessing are just some of the many words used to describe Ruben by his family and friends.

He always put everyone's happiness and feelings first. He had such a pure heart. He lived more life in 20 years than most do in 80! The love he had for life, children, soccer, and friends and family was incomparable. Never once did he fail to light up a room the moment he walked in, his smile was contagious.

Friends and teammates of his say calling him a friend was an insult, he was and is their brother!

He also never left without a hug and an "I love you" for everyone.

His family says " A man like no other, we all are so proud and honored to call him ours!"

"On behalf of your family, friends, and teammates, Ruben, we all love and miss you, thank you for all the beautiful memories and the huge mark you left on our hearts! You couldn't of told a better story and set a more breathtaking path for us!" - Love Your Family!

-Carmen Rios