Bri'ana Raquel Young

Bri'ana Raquel Young

I met my best friend when I was nine years old. From the moment we met each other it was friends from that point on. We always stayed up until three and four in the morning talking about everything: my grandfather, step-grandma, her family, her son, and her baby's father!

The last time I spoke with her was she telling me to make a collage of us because we both cut our hair and looked similar. I did it and she loved it! I told her I loved her and couldn't wait to see her again and that was it.

I waited for a response but never got one. Maybe a few days later is when I heard the strangest, most heartbreaking, weirdest, worst news of my life.

I was on the clock at the time and had to take a three hour lunch break instead of 30 minutes. I cried and cried for weeks until she came to me in my dream and told me I love you and I miss you and I am okay!

From that point on I knew she knew I was missing her a lot and she obviously missed me to!

I cry from time to time and stare at her picture until I can no longer look at it, but I know one day I'll be back in her presence and can share our moments again!

I love you Bri'ana Raquel Young! And we miss you!



She departed from us on July 31, 2013. Bri'ana was at the park allowing her son Kadarrian to play and was killed because to gang violence. My cousin Bri'ana Young was the sweetest cousin a girl can have. She loved all her family and friends. We lost her big brother back in 1999. Now she's gone to be with him.

The impact of losing both of them have really put a toll on my family. We're at shock and a lost for words! It's a very hard pill to swallow. Trying to cope and leaning more into Christ Jesus for strength and guidance is all we have left in us.

My cousin's death should be an eye opener for many young and old individuals.

We should all tell our loved ones, how much we love them as much as possible. R.I.P. Bri'ana Young

-Brandie Young