Rebecca L. Metcalf

Rebecca L. Metcalf

Our Mom, Becky, was born and raised in South Jersey, but moved to Pittsburg, TX back in 2001. She was, in her own words, a born again Texan. She loved it here so much. She graduated high school in 1974, but went back to college as an adult, gaining her bachelors degree in 2007. Her love of learning never dimmed.

She didn't, by typical standards, do great things in her life, but she achieved her own greatness. She broke her back in 1993, but after she finished all of her therapy, Mom went back to work. She continued working, until a month before she passed. She had an amazing work ethic, becoming management and worked sometimes 80 hours a week, after her back healed.

She was a lover of people. She could make anyone feel comfortable, and boy could she talk your ear off. She loved a great many things in life, but the things she was most passionate about were God, her family, reading and horses. In that order.

She never forgot to call someone on their special day to sing to them or offer her best wishes, and you'd never see her without a book. But mostly, she loved her family. She had just us two girls, and we went on to give her a step-grandson, two beautiful granddaughters, and two gorgeous great-granddaughters. She didn't live long enough to see her youngest granddaughter turn a year old, but the thing that brought her so much joy, is that she lived long enough to hold her and love on her. Her grandkids were her world, and their world is a lot less friendly and warm without her.

A great hole has been left in our lives without our Mom. She became suddenly and gravely ill, in June and passed away ten days later. We will miss you always, Mom. Rest easy in the arms of Jesus.

-Chandra Fallstick