Caleb Daniels Luther

Caleb Daniels Luther

My wonderful son, Caleb Daniels Luther was killed in a head-on collision on January 24, 2013 at the age of 17, just three weeks before his 18th birthday. It was a horrible accident that claimed his life because, for some reason or another God was through with him on this earth.

He was a wonderful young Christian man who had played bass guitar in a Christian band and only nine days before his accident he had sent an e-mail to audition for another band with the following statement, "My one goal in life is to win souls for Christ." At age 17, he had his head on straight and was a big part of our church and youth group.

Within 6 months of the accident, we started "Caleb Ministries" in Caleb's memory to help other people and to win souls for Christ. We have been able to help the day homeless shelter, "Gateway to Hope" for almost three months now. This was started because of the life he lived and the love he had for others.

He was my oldest son and my angel who God chose to share with me and now I have the honor to share him with everyone else by keeping his memory alive and continuing in the work he started while he was here on this earth.

-Cynthia Riley