Emmarie and Chloe Adams

Emmarie and Chloe Adams

This story is about Emmarie and Chloe Adams of Mt. Pleasant. The three of us were in a horrific car accident on January 7th this year. While stopped to turn left off of Hwy 49 just outside of Mt. Pleasant, we were rear-ended at 70 mph. Chloe died on impact and Emmarie passed away a couple of days later. 

Emmarie, who was 7, had a love for people of all ages. She was an avid reader and enjoyed books about princesses and animals, especially horses. She also read her Bible.

Chloe, age 5, was our baby girl.  She loved to romp and play. We called her our little monkey. She was a momma's girl! But when it came to getting things done, Chloe was the girl for the job!

They loved going to visit their grandparents in Nacogdoches.  Their paw-paw took them for rides on the 4-wheeler, which they enjoyed immensely!  Both girls loved to dance and were attending classes at "A Time To Dance" in Mt. Vernon. The girls were homeschooled. Emmarie was in second grade and Chloe in Kindergarten.  Both girls were actively involved in church.  They are our princess angels and we know we will see them again one day in Heaven.

-Dawn Adams