Kent Dixon Jewkes

Kent Dixon Jewkes

I remember my Dad as a hard working and humorous man as I was growing up. He was the brother of former Upshur County Sheriff Dale Jewkes.We were a family of seven - five of us kids within six years, four girls and one boy

My dad was a cowboy, trained narcotic dogs and went wild hog hunting and brought them home alive. He taught us all to be tough. He taught us to never quit something once we start it.

One of my favorite memories is he and my mom were walking through the woods,with my mom carrying my little sister and me on my daddy's shoulders. He slid me off his the side of his shoulders gently and grabbed a snake that was hanging on a tree in front of us and killed it then placed me back on his shoulders.

I informed him one day that a father/daughter party was going to be soon. He said he could not make it, that he had a calf delivery that day. I replied okay with my head down and went to my room and thought about it for awhile. I went back in the other room and asked him how does he know a calf would be born that day. He laughed because he was seeing how long it would catch me to pick up on it.

He left this world February 6, 2013. We all miss and love him so much. We love you Daddy.

-Tana, Deann,Owen, Christy -"Cricket," DeDe, and all the grandchildren and great grandchildren.