Todd Lange

Todd Lange

Todd Lange and my daughter, Natalie, were in the yard when it snowed a couple years ago and were having a snowball fight. They would also argue like brother and sister. One day, Natalie was upset and Todd ran after her to console her.

He didn't care much for kids but loved our little girl Kailee as if she was his. He said he would never change diapers but he changed hers, and we used to tease him about being her daddy. He told us if she didn't have a daddy he would claim her.

I remember his beautiful heart and face. He was an exceptional young man and was loved and cherished by many.

I remember at his services at the bowling alley we were in a small room and we had to move chairs out into the bowling alley because so so many showed up.

He was definitely loved.

R.I.P Todd Lange

08/06/1990 - 10/23/2013