Bold Statement Made In The First City Council Meeting Since The Release Of Racial E-mails

Two weeks ago, the e-mails of councilwoman Karen Hailey were released. Some of them contained racial slurs. There have been many calls for her resignation. But, those who spoke at tonight's regularly scheduled meeting, also called for the resignation of all the council members.

They say the city leaders can no longer work together and be effective. That's a sentiment that at least one council member shared in a bold proposal. "This is a council that no one trusts anymore, that cannot produce the benefits that Longview deserves, and it's my opinion that every member of this council should step down, and I'll be the first one to do that," says Dr. Andy Mack.

None of the council members took Dr. Mack up on his offer. Dr. Mack, himself, says he'll only resign if the other council members do the same.

Amy Tatum, reporting.