Better East Texas: A&E's abrupt action against Duck Dynasty star

Better East Texas: A&E's abrupt action against Duck Dynasty star

(KLTV) - More people are talking about Duck Dynasty than actually watch the reality program on the A&E network. You are probably aware that one of the main personalities of the show Phil Robertson granted an interview with GQ Magazine where he was asked his feeling about homosexuality and his experience of growing up in the south when racial discrimination was actually the law.

He answered both questions honestly and even held up biblical scripture on the topic of sexual relations. The A&E network decided to pull him from the Duck Dynasty production until further notice as a result of the comments. Whether you agree or disagree with his comments, the action by the network was too harsh and shows just how divided our country is on some of these topics.

I don't think this is a freedom of speech argument more than it was a knee jerk reaction by A&E. Mr. Robertson was giving an interview and really being no different in his content and delivery than you see in the Duck Dynasty program. The recent past is littered with celebrities and personalities protesting this cause or lining up and supporting another cause and there is rarely, if ever, retribution from their platform or network.

When A&E, or for that matter any network, becomes the moral watchdog for our country then the citizenry has completely lost control. If the comments by Phil Robertson or any other personality are offensive, then viewers will leave the show. We don't need a network exec in New York making that call.

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