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Big tipper hits Kilgore restaurant with $2,000

Anonymous customer leaves big tip for ETX employees. Anonymous customer leaves big tip for ETX employees.

Christmas might have passed, but the Christmas spirit is still alive in East Texas.

Employees at The Jalapeno Tree in Kilgore are celebrating after a secret tipper left well over your average 15 percent last Sunday.

Lenora Hill was closing out her table, trying to save up money for the holidays, when she got an extra boost Sunday.

"I just walked by to get his bill, like any other table, and he had a hundred dollar bill under it," Hill explained.

The total was less than the tip!

"It was really nice, I didn't want to take it at first, because I felt kind of bad, but he insisted," she said.

It didn't stop there, he also insisted on leaving something else.

"He just said it was for Christmas and then that's when he had me go get the manager," she said.

He asked the manager how many employees worked there, not just that morning, but in total.

The phone call Store Director, EJ Chowdhury, got later was nothing short of a Christmas miracle, he says.

"He just said some guy is leaving the whole staff 50 dollars apiece," he said.

Stories like this have swept across the US, with big tippers like "TipsForJesus," the anonymous Instagram user, leaving thousands for a cheap meal.

"I didn't think it would happen here," Hill said.

That extra change changed everything, she said.

"Man, it meant everything, I wasn't going to be able to get my brother or my oldest sister anything for Christmas because I just didn't have the money because I have bills and everything to pay, and then after he gave me that I was able to go get them something for Christmas."

Even employees who weren't working that day came back to a $50 tip.

"We're very grateful. It was very generous of somebody to do that," Crystal Warren, a waitress, said, "sometimes we struggle from time to time, so it'll help a lot of us get through those holidays."

Those secret tippers are not just spreading the wealth, they are spreading good cheer.

That anonymous tipper left a total of more than $2,000 at that Jalapeno Tree.

Servers and managers were included in that big tip and staff that wasn't there that day, too.

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