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Many East Texans still waiting for Christmas gifts to arrive

Christmas has come and gone, yet many East Texans are still waiting for packages that did not arrive in time to make it under the tree.

UPS both confirmed and apologized for a backlog on Thursday, which a spokesperson attributed to an unexpected and overwhelming volume of air shipments.

Wayland Lee of Tyler is just one of many customers that is still waiting for Christmas gifts.

"I had a Christmas package sent from my father-in-law in Alabama," said Lee. "It was guaranteed by Christmas eve, it didn't show up, so we looked online and it was going to be delayed. We looked online again and it was delayed again. Now it says it'll be here Friday."

Lee is one of many people nationwide trying to figure out what exactly went wrong.

"They blamed the weather in Dallas," Lee said. "He sent it after [the ice storm]."

The delay is even more frustrating for Brittany Phillips, who was supposed to receive her paycheck through UPS last week, which had already been delayed once to Christmas eve.

"It was supposed to be at my house by Christmas eve and supposed to be shipped to me today," Phillips said. "Now they're saying it's supposed to be shipped to me tomorrow."

To make matters worse, her paycheck is in Tyler, but she can't get her hands on it until it's delivered.

"Over the phone they said it was going to be here," Phillips said. "They said it's definitely going to be here, apologizing, so I came up here on the last little spare of gas that I had and now I have to come back tomorrow. And it's in one of those lovely trucks right there."

UPS apologized for under-predicting the amount of air shipments, prompting them to bring in extra staff on Christmas day to help sort out the mess at its hub.

Which leaves many East Texas customers with nothing to do but wait it out.

"It's pointless to get all mad about it," Lee said. "So you just do what you can, but it would be nice if the system worked a little better."

"It's definitely very frustrating," Phillips said. "I may have to camp in the parking lot until someone comes and saves me."

UPS said they expect all the delayed packages to make it to their destinations by Friday or Saturday.

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