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Peggy Honeycutt

Peggy Honeycutt Peggy Honeycutt

We lost our mom, Peggy Honeycutt, in March of this year. She was a wonderful and talented lady. 

She was a blues singer and she entertained the troops during World War II in the USO at Camp Fannin!  She was a life-long member of St. Paul United Methodist Church and a very active member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Salvation Army! She was an amazing cook and had a very giving heart! We miss her so much.  

All of her children and grand children would visit and sit around on their iPhones sharing stories and especially pictures. One day I was visiting and out of the clear blue she said, " I wish I had a phone like that"!  I told her she would never learn to use it, she was technically challenged shall we say!  She ask me why and how hard could it be!  I began to explain that she would need an email address, a Facebook account, and an iTunes account!  She looked at me like I was crazy and simply said, " I don't need all of those things, just get me a dot com like I see on TV!  I began to laugh really hard when I realized she was serious!

Unfortunately l never could make her understand there was a little more to it!  That has become a family joke!  "Just get a .com!"

She had four children, Randy Honeycutt, Penny Honeycutt, Cindy Hooser and Rusty Honeycutt.  She had seven grandchildren and three great grand children!

-Penny Honeycutt

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