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Lillian Jones

Durward and Lillian Jones Durward and Lillian Jones

My mother Lillian Jones died on March 5, 2013.

In August 2012 my mother , Lillian Jones, was admitted into the Mother Frances Hospital for congestive heart failure. She was 82 years old. My dad, who was 80 at the time, stayed with her all the time, never leaving her side. After a lot of coaxing from me and my siblings, he finally started driving home at night back to Mineola.

My mother was finally released and went home with my dad. That night while they slept, my parents' family dog who they had for close to nine years passed away. This was heartbreaking for my parents as they treated that dog as one of their children. They both requested to have him cremated so after my siblings and I handled this and after thinking everything had calmed down, I came back to Tyler for the night. No sooner had I got home then my dad called to say my mom was unresponsive.

After a quick call to 911 and a trip back to the hospital they advised us that my mother had a stroke. The doctors weren't giving us any information except that she wouldn't be able to go home.  This was August 16. On August 18, my dad, Durward Jones was walking out of her room to make his daily trip home to Mineola. At the door to her room my father collapsed and passed away. 

This was a heartbreaking experience for our mother. They had been married 63 years and she was alone. She had her children and grandchildren, but it wasn't the same.. She missed and loved my dad so much. We had her another 6 months until she finally was reunited with the love of her life.  My mother had illnesses that come from growing older, but a broken heart is what took her from us. I have no doubt my dad was waiting for her and she ran to him with open arms. Knowing they are together again brings peace to my heart.

-Linda Wilcoxson

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