Hayden Rex Mayfield

Hayden Rex Mayfield and his great-grandson, Rex
Hayden Rex Mayfield and his great-grandson, Rex

This is my grandfather Hayden Rex Mayfield. He passed away on July 5 surrounded by his family at his home. He was a wonderful man who lived to the age of 90. He was loved and is miss greatly.

I cannot think of one event important for any of his grandchildren he was not at.

I named my son, pictured here, Rex, after him because he was such a strong, loving man and I hope my son grows to be one too.

My grandfather was a Marine and was at the Battle of Iwo Jima.

He was married to my grandmother for over 65 years and retire from AAMCO.

He had 3 sons, 6 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren.

To sum up his great life in a few words is proving difficult.

-Misty Brown