Jaclyn Whittington

Jaclyn Whittington was born on January 16. She was taken home on May 11. She was a daughter, sister and mother to ahandsome baby boy, Abel Layne Carte, who she loved more then life itself. She was an amazing mother.

She graduated from Kilgore in 2011. Shewas a sweet, kind, loving person she was full of life and always had a smile onher face and always lived her life. Even with her not being able to walk, itdidn't stop her at all.

We would always ride around Kilgore with our friendsand family and listen to her favorite song up loud.

But I know she is inheaven and not in pain anymore - walking around and dancing with out a care.

We all love her and miss so much but we have remember she will be with usalways and through our hard times.