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Lila Sutton

Lila Sutton Lila Sutton

This is my mom, Lila Sutton. We just lost her December 23. She went into the hospital because she was having a hard time breathing. They put her in the ICU and decided they wanted to do a lung biopsy. When the test results of the biopsy came back, the doctor called me and told me she had cancer, which was like December 9th or 10th.

The day after I talked to her doctor I got a call from her cancer doctor saying it was stage four with her lungs being in bad shape, which is why she was having a hard time breathing. She was not able to come off the ventilator, considering that the cancer was stage four.

My mom didn't last two weeks. We had to take her off and let her pass. She was a wonderful mother and a wonderful Gigi to her grandson and loved by many.

-Amanda Greenleaf

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