Several Restaurants Have Perfect Scores, Two Scored Poorly

Rancho Grande, Highway 69, Rusk: The inspector found improper hygienic practices, material dripping from vent hood, a hand sink was not used, no soap or towels at hand sink and a one foot diameter hole in the kitchen floor. Score: 82. A recheck has been ordered, but is not yet on file.

Skeeter's, Highway 69, Rusk: An ice scoop was improperly stored, an ice machine needed cleaning, paint was stored in a prep area and food contact surfaces needed cleaning. Score: 82. No recheck has ordered.

Cherokee County restaurants with a score of 100:

East Lake Grill and Cafe, Bullard

Donut Palace, Highway 69, Alto

Judy's Country Kitchen, Reklaw

King Wok, Highway 69, Rusk

(All reports furnished by Cherokee County Health Department.)

Reported by Morgan Palmer.