Got your girl a gun for Christmas? ETX gun club is 'ladies only'

Got your girl a gun for Christmas? ETX gun club is 'ladies only'

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Firearms have always been a popular gift here in East Texas and this Christmas, gun shops are seeing more people looking to purchase firearms for the women in their lives.

The increase in sales is leading to more accessories and activities for female firearm owners. As more women take up shooting sports and hunting, guns as gifts for gals are gaining popularity and with good reason.

Gina Archer, an NRA certified handgun instructor who teaches ladies only classes, says guns make very personal presents.

"You need it fitted to your hand, your style and how you like to shoot. You can't just go pick up your dad or your husband's gun and expect to be as comfortable with it as one was fitted for you," says Gina.

If a woman in your life finds herself the owner of a new gun this Christmas, she won't have to go far to find a place to shoot with new female friends. Gina just started a Longview chapter of the national gun club-- A Girl and A Gun.

"It's just an opportunity to get together and practice shooting and socialize and learn from each other and check out what everyone else is carrying," says Gina.

A Girl and A Gun has active chapters in 23 states.. While most states just have one club or two, Texas is home to 24 chapters including Gina's new chapter in Longview and another chapter in Canton.

"It's just so much more comfortable when you're with women," explains Gina.

As more women take up the sport, retailers are marketing toward them.

"These are all concealment purses. These are the bling type purses. The blings have a compartment in the back where the gun goes in," says Jerrilyn Addison, who was selling concealment purses at the Bossier City Gun & Knife Show over the weekend.

"God bless our husbands and boyfriends and fathers, but they don't shoot the same way that we do," says Gina with a laugh.

Whether keeping a gun for self defense or sports and competition, Gina says women can learn a lot about guns from each other.

If you'd like to learn more about the Canton and Longview chapters of A Girl and A Gun, click here.

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