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Surveillance, social media used to deter shoplifters in East Texas

Security cameras capture shoplifter in action. Security cameras capture shoplifter in action.

Area police departments said as consumerism picks up during the holidays, so does the shoplifting. Based on the number of arrests made in the last few weeks, it seems the increased security does not always turn shoplifters away. 

Kilgore Police Department has parked a unit in front of the local Walmart. A sign attached to the vehicle's window reads, "This is how many people have been arrested since black Friday. You next?" 

Lieutenant Tony Stone with the Kilgore Police Department said that number continues to grow. 

"I'm going to go pull down that number and put a new number up. Instead of 10 it will be 12," Lieutenant Stone said. 

The number of cases city-wide is even bigger, but so is the number of arrests.

"Since December 1st, we've had 16 reports of shoplifting and 15 arrests," Lieutenant Stone said. 

The Kilgore Police Department is sending a very clear message.

"Just know that if you are caught shoplifting or committing a theft from other place besides a business, we are going to arrest you and put you in jail," Lieutenant Stone said. 

Andy Taylor is co-owner of Geek Eazy in Kilgore and said the business has only been open about two weeks, but as soon as they opened, they installed a security system that is synced to his smart phone. 

"You know, the system started paying for itself right away, and immediately we saw the results and the benefits of having a security system," Taylor said. 

That is because after barely opening their doors, cameras caught a customer stealing jewelry. 

"It is very brazen, but I do understand that it's hard times and people you know, don't have the money and there's a lot of pressure to get the perfect gift or be able to get a gift for people that you love during the holiday season," Taylor said. 

Taylor said while he understands that this time of year can be hard, that does not mean that he turns his back.

"If you're a customer in here, and you're intending on shoplifting, be advised that there will be video and it will be posted to Facebook," Taylor said. 

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