Xanax Arrest At Marshall High School

Three Marshall High School students have been arrested and charged with drug possession, after on-campus officers found them carrying the prescription drug Xanax. On Tuesday, campus police officers got tips leading them to search two 9th graders and a 10th grader on the Marshall High School campus, and finding what they were looking for.

"One student was located and she had Xanax in her possession, and another student at the same time," said officer Leland Benoit of the Marshall Police Department.

While the confiscation of any drug is touted as a victory, how it got there is something of a concern now. Using what's commonly called a shotgun, they take the cap off a pen, remove the cartridge , insert the Xanax in the hollow tube, put the cap back on and carry it on campus as an ordinary pen.

Xanax is an anxiety relief drug, but can, like any other drug, be deadly if overdosed. Parents are understandably upset the drug was brought on campus to begin with.

"I think we should do anything we can to keep drugs off schools, the bad news is that they felt they need to do this, its the kind of environment we're in right now," says Shawne Summerford, parent of two Marshall high school students..

"My concern is we have children that bring this stuff on campus and basically think they can get away with it," says parent Tim Bunch.

The school's principal has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs, and uses police enforcement to get the message across, that whatever it is, it could cost you more than just a suspension.

The juveniles are charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.