Major Drug Roundup In Anderson County

Dozens of accused drug traffickers are off the street, and more arrest are on the way.

Yesterday morning, 35 people were arrested and taken to the Palestine Civic Center to be processed.  That number is about half of those targeted in a drug roundup in Palestine and Anderson county. Officials seized 3 cars and more than $2,000.

As part of their 2 year investigation, authorities said they purchased crack cocaine from several homes.  They said some defendants have been linked to crack suppliers and distributors in other cities.

"We're currently seeking defendants in Dallas and the one that is in Houston we've got him in custody," said Commander Curtis Bitz of the Dogwood Trails Task Force. Those arrested could face federal or state charges.

If convicted, they could serve a maximum sentence of life in prison. Authories said more arrests will be made over the next few days.

Maya Golden reporting,