Group Teaches Organizations How To Apply For Grant Money

Grant money is available, even in a time of cuts in government funding.

That's the message a local group is trying to get out to East Texans who work for non-profit organizations.

"East Texas always has received lower amount of grants from Washington and Austin," Kathy Holdway, president of A Circle of Ten, said. "And part of that reason is we don't ask often enough. But there have been cuts in funding that are effecting health. You know, that's been a big deal in the paper, that there's cuts in education. There's cuts really in just about any service that you offer."

A Circle of Ten is teaching employees of hospitals, schools, and other agencies how to apply for grants. It's holding its 3rd annual Funders' Forum on Thursday, November 4. It's all day, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., at the Rose Garden Center in Tyler. To register, call 903-541-0013.

More than 30 government organizations from Austin, D.C., and other cities are expected to be there with informational booths and networking opportunities.

Julie Tam, reporting.