Women & Financial Security

They're in charge of their families, in control of their careers and often manage their family's day to day finances. But when it comes to planing for their financial futures many women admit they don't think about it or leave it to the men in their life.

"No, I don't think about it," says one woman.

"My husband takes care of it. He puts it in a retirement plan," says another East Texas woman.

"When my sister who is a stock broker tells me I need to think about it I do, but other than that, no," says another.

But with the national divorce rate at 49 percent, and with stats from the center for disease control showing women generally outlive men, women need to assume more control over their financial destiny.

"If your husband has been managing your financial future, take action on your behalf now. Begin to learn where you are investing, where your plans are, participate with him in the planning, include yourself in the meetings that you may have with a financial professional," says Marie Gary.

Women still in the workforce have even more options. Start with increasing your monthly contributions to your 401. Stay-at-home moms can open tax deferred spousal IRA's and roth IRA's. They are variable annuities that don't require earned income and allow unlimited after-tax contributions. Experts also say women should get their own life insurance policies.

"You're the owner of the policy. Therefore if anything happens in the future, a divorce, unexpected death, a change in your life circumstance, you still have ownership of your own policy," says Gary.

By just making these few, easy adjustments ... Women married, single or divorced can be prepared for the future.