What is deadly mystery illness in Texas?

Tonight at 10, we continue to dig into what's behind a mysterious illness being blamed for killing 4 people near Houston.  It's frightening people in the state and causing concern among doctors who are trying to figure out a way to identify the flu-like symptoms before its too late for anyone else.  We'll have the latest for you at 10.

Summer Dashe has a new report that shows you what happened inside a school bus as it wrecked in Athens.  She'll walk you through the moments leading up to the crash and during.  It will give you a sense of what the children in the bus experienced last week when one Athens ISD but rear-ended another one.

We're gearing up to keep you prepared for the potentially severe weather that could hit East Texas this weekend.  Storm Tracker 7 Meteorologist Grant Dade is already hard at work monitoring every change that could impact the weather where you live.  He'll have your new forecast at 10.