David Wallace: Mixed Paella

PAELLA, considered the official dish of Spain, originated in the countries third largest city of Valencia. Traditionally, it was prepared by the men. The dish was prepared in a large pan, over an open fire consisting of orange tree limbs, pine, and pine cones. This combination of fuels infused a unique aroma to the dish. In Valencia, PAELLA means "pan". However, the French have a similar word, which translates "leftovers". Leftovers in a pan. A perfect dish for the holidays!

After the holidays, you will probably have plenty of leftovers, of many kinds. Use them to create a "Mixed Paella". Your friends and family will enjoy them, even the second time around!


1/2 lb of ground beef or breakfast sausage

2 cups of cooked chicken or turkey

2 cups of cooked (smoked) sausage, such as ECKRICH

2cups of peeled deveined shrimp, raw or cooked

1 cup each of roughly chopped celery, onion, bell pepper

4 cups of cooked rice

2 cups chicken broth

season with garlic, pepper, saffron or oregano, and soy sauce

(optional) 1 cup of chopped walnuts or 1/2 cup pine nuts

olive oil, for sauteing

* You can substitute fresh chopped garlic, but add to the pan at the same time you add the vegetables.

You can use any oil for saute, but I like olive oil for this dish. In a large pan or skillet, brown your ground raw meat with a little splash of oil. Once browned, add the veggies. Continue until vegetables are slightly cooked. Add cooked chicken, smoked sausage, and shrimp. Stir and saute until everything is good and hot or until shrimp are cooked, if you were using raw shrimp. Season with pepper, powdered garlic, and soy sauce. Just lightly sprinkle soy over the top. Stir soy in and taste, for your preference. Soy adds saltiness, so don't over do it. Use a little saffron or oregano, but not both! Add walnuts or pine nuts, but not both. Finish with chicken broth. Serve in the same pan. Let everyone dish what they want or serve it up individually. A salad goes nicely with this dish.

As you can see, this is a one pan dish. It's easy and you can follow the recipe loosely. Use any leftovers. Use saffron and pine nuts or oregano and walnuts. It's a versatile dish that can be different every time, but it's always good!