Lindale residents express concern about Transportation Reinvestment Zone

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - A public forum was put on tonight to discuss the the extension of Toll Road 49 and TRZ, otherwise known as the Transportation Reinvestment Zone.

At Lindale City Hall, residents came out to hear more about the TRZ proposal.

Smith County officials are hoping the new road will relieve traffic on US 69 in Lindale and improve the safety of the roads.

While many attendees were for the project, others that live alone the TRZ zone had their own concerns.

"I understand the need for renewal, but I think my main concerns are the taxes and funds for the county roads. We still want to see that, and want an answer on that," said Jeanie Cumble, a Lindale resident along the TRZ.

"I think it's going to take away so much traffic from Lindale, that the businesses in Lindale will suffer," said Howard Beggs, another Lindale resident along the TRZ.

Another public forum is being planned for early January to go over an environmental study of the new project.

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