Fortune 500 company looking to hire 225 East Texans

Fortune 500 company looking to hire 225 East Texans

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - After a year of construction, a Fortune 500 Company is now operating out of a state-of-the art workplace in Tyler. All that's left to do is hire East Texans to fill the jobs that they've brought here.

One year and one month after Centene Corporation broke ground in Tyler's new business park, they're up running. Centene's new insurance claims center has 225 jobs just waiting to be filled.

"New jobs are exciting for any community. For Tyler, this is a home run. They're high paying quality jobs with benefits,"  explains City of Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass.

Employees at Centene Corp. will work with pharmacies, clinics and doctors to process insurance claims.

"It is very much a technology driven job in today's market. It fits in very well with our industry growth initiative in Tyler about bringing new and innovative jobs to our community," says Bass.

Centene is brining an innovative workplace to the community too. The company provides on-site childcare for their employees with little ones. A full cafeteria makes for a convenient lunch break, but Centene isn't just about conveniences... they're also about opportunities.

"We're employing people, we're training them, we're helping them develop and I think there's room for expansion," says Centene's Chairman and CEO, Michael Niedorff.

Niedorff says they hope to double the size of their facility in the coming years, eventually offering even more jobs for East Texans.

"We're blessed with always needing more," says Niedorff.

"We appreciate Centene for choosing Tyler, Texas. We are so excited they're here," says Bass.

Centene is currently operating with about 100 employees, but they still looking to hire 225 more. They have a variety of job openings, but are especially looking for people with experience in the health or medical field because they might be familiar with the medical jargon. If you want to read more about the jobs they currently have open, click here or give Centene a call at (903) 581-2968.

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