Councilwoman Now Accused Of Leaving Threatening Phone Calls

Longview city councilwoman Karen Hailey is now accused of making threatening phone calls. Linda Collins was Hailey's best friend of more than 10 years. However, last week, Collins says she became a victim.

Linda had gone to city hall with Hailey's brother to pick up traveling expenses records paid for by the city. She says once Hailey found that out, she left a threatening message on her home phone.

"What are you doing, living in fear everyday? I'll turn you in for worker's comp. for working for the mayor," says Hailey in the message. It goes on to say, "You better move to California I guess, cause I think the FBI is going to be coming in. Worker's comp fraud looks pretty bad. Have a wonderful life. Bye!"

Linda Collins was injured during a fall a few years ago at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts where she worked with Karen Hailey. She says, since then, she has received worker's compensation, but denies Hailey's claim in the message, that she was committing fraud.

Collins says their long friendship ended last year when she discovered Hailey was behaving strangely in public.

"It started last November or December when I went to her about some problems she was having and asked to get some help. All of a sudden, I was a horrible person," says Collins.

Collins says she went to the police, shortly after receiving the message, to file a report. She says she hasn't finished filling out the paper work, but plans to do so as early as tomorrow. She says she was scared of further retaliation from Hailey.

This is the latest in the controversy surrounding Karen Hailey.  Over the last few weeks, hundreds of her e-mails have been made public, some of them containing racial slurs.  She continues to say they were taken out of context.

Amy Tatum, reporting.