Auto Technicians In High Demand

It's a high paying career that's also in high demand.

"The demand is there, a successful graduate of our program could walk into any major city in the U.S. and they could be employed that day at a very good salary," said Robert Spencer, Managing Director of Tyler Junior College's Automotive Technology Center.

Spencer said, "It's not just nuts and bolts anymore today's cars are becoming more and more complicated, creating an industry that demands more and more skill from its workers."

"The need for technicians, more specifically the need for upper level technicians, the guys that know the electronics, that can use the computers," he said.

Recent statistics show in 2003 there were 918,000 auto technicians working in the U.S. By 2012 the demand for those workers is expected to be 950,000. Meaning 32,000 new jobs will be available.

Dustin Arnold is hoping to take one of those empty slots. A high school junior, instructors say he's already ahead of the curve.

"We'll do anything from taking tires and changing them, just the basics, but it's pretty fun," said Justin. "I've been working on cars for the last four years so hopefully I want to do something with it."

When that day comes, the industry will be ready and waiting.

"It's not a situation where you have to hunt and look.. they're out there, the positions are available, they're available today," said Spencer.

For more information on the program at TJC, click on the link below.

Chris Gibson, reporting