Back To Reality For Family As Husband Returns To War

It's back to Iraq for an East Texas soldier we told you about several weeks ago -- and back to reality for his wife and young son.

Specialist Eric Severson left for his post in Tikrit Monday.

His wife Heather tells us, "It's tough being an Army wife. You've got to have strength."

Every ounce of Heather's strength is now focused on E.J., as his dad calls him, "Junior." Two weeks ago, it was a reunion for this father and son who have seen very little of each other in E.J.'s thirteen months.

Eric told us on Sept. 29, "It feels good. It feels really good to be back home after being away for so long -- to see my wife and my son. I haven't seen them in forever."

Eric is a mechanic working for the 1st Infantry Division in the dangerous city of Tikrit.

"It's hard to watch the news, but I do because I want to know what's going on over there and how Iraq is coming together," Heather says.

Now, this family will be apart until February or March, if things go as planned right now.

Many days more, Heather will try to keep up with what's happening. E.J. doesn't know. He only knows that the dad he's just getting to know had to go.

"It'll be sad because it'll be our first Christmas away from him, but it'll be really sad for him because he's not going to have any family down there," she says.

For Heather, technology really is a miracle. She and Eric can visit via web cam. Eric can see his wife and son, but they can't see a picture of him in Iraq because of security. When the time to chat ends, her thoughts are always with him.

"It's hard to not think about what's going on over there because Eric would not want me to be depressed or anything like that. We just have to go on each day," she says.

Heather and E.J. will move to Germany after Christmas, and that's where the family will live when Eric's deployment to Iraq is over.

He has re-enlisted though, so Heather says they're hopeful to be moved back to the States and to Fort Hood.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.