Gift of Love: Esme and Jamie

It was an afternoon of fun and excitement for brother Jaime and sister Esmeralda.  Both we thrilled to build their own bear! 6 year old Esme, as she likes to be called,  is a talkative and outgoing young lady that loves to meet people.

Her favorite colors are "pink and purple," Esme said.

Esme is in kindergarten and loves school, especially seeing her friends.  When she grows up she'd like to stay in the classroom.

"A teacher," Esme said.

Esme says she loves kids and can't wait to teach them.  Esme loves to eat grapes and for dessert...

"Strawberry cake," Esme said, is her favorite.

Esme also loves to play outside and play with her younger brother Jaime.

4 year old Jaime is rough and tough and loves interaction with his sister and peers.  He is not school age; however he still has good social skills with others.

As for his favorite toy, "my teddy bear," Jaime said.

Jaime is a sweet little boy with good manners. he is shy in some ways, but once he warms up to you he is talkative.  One of jaime's favorite things is to watch movies!

"Cars! you like cars! So do you know who Mater is? Mater and Lighting McQueen, and Lighting McQueen that's right!" Jamie said.

He also likes, "Mr. incredible," Jamie said.

As for his favorite food, he likes fruit, just like his sister, but when it comes to dessert...cake is not his first choice.

"Ice cream cone," Jamie said.

But more than sweets, what these two adorable children want more than anything in the world is a forever family that they can call their own.  A family that will show Esme and Jaime the Gift of Love.