Girl Found In Wrecked Car After Eight Days

A 17 year old girl from Seattle, Washington was found alive over the weekend after spending eight days stuck inside her wrecked car.

Laura Hatch ran off an embankment and was trapped at the bottom of a 150 foot ravine in her wrecked car.  Police thought she'd ran away.  Her mother had lost hope of ever seeing her again, but a member of their church says she had a vision of her in the ravine.

Sha Nohr says her daughter showed her a picture of Hatch over the weekend after returning from the search party and they prayed together.  Nohr says that night she dreamed about an intersection and felt compelled to go there and look for Hatch.  That's where they found Hatch, in her car and badly injured.

Laura Hatch suffered a broken leg, broken ribs, a blood clot and was severely dehydrated.  Hatch's doctor says the dehydration helped to save her life because it kept the blood clot in her brain from expanding.

Laura Hatch is still listed in serious condition at a Seattle hospital.