Councilwoman Asks For Forgiveness In Handwritten Letter

She's asking for forgiveness. Longview city council woman Karen Hailey is apologizing in another letter released today. This latest correspondence released, is a handwritten letter to city manager Ricky Childers.

It's dated a week before a stack of emails were made public. In those emails, Ms. Hailey made racial slurs against several city council members including Mr. Childers himself.

In the 3 page handwritten letter Karen wrote, "Let me know if it would be better for me to resign from the council, I need that information... I hope and pray forgiveness in your heart and in our relationship."

The city manager today says he has already forgiven Karen for her remarks, but refused to say if he feels she should resign her position on the council.

Karen Hailey would not comment on the letter today.

Amy Tatum reporting.