Capture Of Suspected Killer Ends Four Years Of Anxiety For Family

It's been more than four years since the kidnapping and murder of Troup teen Kyle McElroy. And for his family, it was four years of waiting for his killer to be caught. But now, good news.

The suspect, Desiree Dawn Lingo-Perkins was finally captured on Thursday and will stand for the crime.

Justice may only come after a trial -- where Kevin McElroy would have to relive the pain of those days four years ago.

"Losing a child is horrible itself. But the way we lost Kyle, it's puts the fear in the whole community,"
he says.

Kyle was killed over a ransom of $200,000 -- authorities say by Desiree Dawn Lingo-Perkins and three other men.

"Everybody I know is tickled to death that she's arrested and behind bars," Kevin McElroy says.

Kevin says he's never had a satisfactory explanation from the three men who are already in prison for Kyle's murder. As for what he say to Lingo-Perkins if he ever saw her, he doesn't know yet.

"I don't know right now, I don't know if I really want to see her. I want to feel comfortable right now knowing she's behind bars," he says.

Lingo-Perkins could face death for the crime. Kevin knows that could be years more away. He says healing never truly ends -- but it subsides. Through his mind's eye in a dream, he says Kyle told him everything's going to be OK.

"I asked him how he was -- if he was OK. And he said, 'Yeah, Daddy, I'm fine. I want you to be OK.' That has given me some help because it was so real," Kevin says.

He also says a quick resolution would help as well.

"We're just better off without people like that on the streets."

Lingo-Perkins was caught at the Texas-Mexico border last Thursday after the FBI says several leads were phoned in. A court date in East Texas has not yet been set.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.