Ear Candling Relives Cold And Flu Symptoms, Some Say

Every fall, Regena Campbell says her nose starts running and her ears plug up because of allergies. But she finds relief at the Sun Spa at 4724 S. Broadway, in Tyler. There she gets an ancient procedure called ear candling.

"It helps clear up your sinuses if you are having sinus trouble. Also it's just soothing and calming," says Regena.

Misty Terrell, who is certified to perform ear candling at the Sun Spa, gives her the age-old cleansing technique.

"Ear candling is the use of a taper candle that is hollowed out to create a convection, which is a soft vacuum, that heats up the cume serum in the ear canal and sucks it through the candle like a straw," explains Misty.

It sucks out all of the wax and infection in your ear and sinuses.

"Most people see results immediately. There is an instant release of sinus pressure and lymphatic drainage once you get off the table," explains Misty.

The candle burns for about 20 minutes and the aluminum plate protects Regena's face. Regena says the whole experience is great and painless.

"It makes you feel relaxed," she says.

But not everyone sings it's praises.

"Every patient I see has a terrible debris left in their ear canal and ear drum," says ENT Dr. Dan Toney. He says there are risks to ear candling, but nothing severe.

"It's not doing damage but you may have itchy dryness or discomfort," he explains.

Regena says she's never had a problem and for her, ear candling works better than anything the doctor could order to give her allergy relief.

Ear candling costs $25 at the Sun Spa.

For more information call: 903-939-8267.