Stranger Danger

WHO IS A STRANGER?    Anyone your child doesn't know really well.

Remember, a stranger can be a man or a woman, well-dressed or grubby, kind or threatening, pretty or ugly.  Even friendly strangers can be dangerous.

Here are Some Basic Rules to Follow

  • Never accept rides, candy, gifts, money, or medicine from a stranger.
  • Never get close to a car if a strangers calls out to you for directions or anything else. Remember, it is easy for a stranger to pull you into a car.
  • Never give your name or address to a stranger. Remember, even if a stranger knows your name, he/she is still a stranger and could be dangerous.
  • Always check who is at the door before opening it and never open the door to anyone you don’t know, even a delivery person.
  • Never tell callers that you’re home alone. Say Mom or Dad can’t come to the phone and take a message.
  • Never volunteer family vacation plans or other information about your home.
  • Always avoid strangers who are hanging around restrooms or the playground and want to play with you or your friends.
  • Never go with a stranger who doesn't know your family's "Code Word".


  • Never play in deserted areas like the woods, parking lots, alleys, deserted buildings, or areas under construction.
  • Always stick to the same safe route when traveling to or from school or a friend’s house.
  • Use the "Buddy System" and always try to play or walk with friends. It’s safer and more fun!
  • Never play or loiter in public areas like restrooms or elevators.
  • Try to wait with a friend for public transportation and try to sit or stand near the driver on a bus.
  • Always keep all doors and windows locked when home alone.
  • Always check who is at the door before opening it.
  • Never display money in public. Only carry money when necessary and keep it in your pocket until needed.
  • NEVER hitchhike!
  • Never walk or play alone outside after dark.
  • Always tell you parents or another trusted adult where you will be at all times and what time you’ll be home.