Gift of Love: Thomas

9 year old Thomas is having a great afternoon making his own specialty pizza at Double Daves.  This 3rd graders loves school and even says the likes taking tests!

"Reading and math," Thomas said, top his list of favorite subjects.

As for what he wants to be when he grows up, thomas says it's out of this world!

"Scientist. What kind of scientist? The kind that studies planets," Thomas said.

His favorite plant is mercury.  And if that does work out, he wants to try his hand at big box retail.

"I would want to be an owner of a store. What kind of store would you like to own? Wal Mart," Thomas said. As in he would like to own all 8500 plus of them.

When he's not thinking about his future, Thomas likes to play outside.

"I like to play catch, ride my bikes," Thomas said.

Thomas also like to watch cartoons like Sponge Bob and he enjoys playing video games His favorite is Halo.  And he hopes to one day to go to Splash Kingdom.

As for his favorite foods, Thomas likes pasta but says he is not a fan of Mexican casserole. As for dessert, he likes chocolate!

"Brownies," Thomas said.

Thomas says what he wants more than anything this holiday season is a forever family to call his own.  A family that will show Thomas the Gift of Love!