Better East Texas Obamacare 2.0

Better East Texas Obamacare 2.0

(KLTV) - The Obamacare website, version 2.0, is up and running and seems to be handling the traffic demand well.

The President took the website's re-introduction as an opportunity to reiterate to the American people and more importantly to Congress that the Affordable Care Act would not be repealed while he was president. Meanwhile, right here in East Texas, Senator John Cornyn was meeting with small business owners about their healthcare woes.

Senator Cornyn pledged to fight to repeal Obamacare and introduce a reasonable solution. So the two parties seem farther away than ever on this issue. The president believes that his signature legislation is flawless while thousands of people receive notices about their insurance being cancelled. It is an opportunity for the Republicans, but Senator Cornyn expressed exactly what the problem is with the republican position and that is to repeal Obamacare – but then what?

Republicans in congress have not offered anything more than tweaks to Obamacare, like the provision to buy insurance across state lines to help the free market, but while they bash then entire legislation, there is no real alternative that has been offered. For the American people to embrace a republican option, there will have to be an option.

Until Republicans unveil an alternative, they cannot hope to be successful by just swinging a hatchet to kill the Affordable Care Act. Don't get me wrong, it needs a lot of work and perhaps even to be repealed but we cannot go back to the old system, it just didn't work.

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