Better East Texas: Black Friday sales down as more stores open on 'Brown Thursday'

Better East Texas: Black Friday sales down as more stores open on 'Brown Thursday'

(KLTV) - Holiday shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend had a strange feeling. There were only a few reports of stampedes of shoppers shoving their way into stores as they opened and there were only a few reports of people camping out to get the latest techno release.

Stores were still crowded but as retailers reported sales totals, it was obvious that Black Friday was down. The final total had retail sales from Thanksgiving through Sunday as being down about 3 percent from last year over the same span. Cyber shopping increased significantly but I think that an additional factor to the reduction in sales was that stores converted Black Friday into a series of days that started, oftentimes, before Thanksgiving. And certainly more stores than ever were open Thanksgiving evening.

So it seems that retailers, trying to jumpstart Black Friday by creating Brown Thursday or some other color Wednesday may actually have short-circuited sales and missed the mark. Black Friday has historically been successful because it is an event and now some of the largest stores had made it a non-event. Cyber shopping will continue to increase but if brick and motor stores are going to make the most of Black Friday, they need a return of focusing on truly making Black Friday something exclusive.

It is part of the fun of the holidays to see and experience the shopping season kicking into high gear we should not get so selfish as to diminish the holiday around which this day was born. Keeping Black Friday on Friday will make this a Better East Texas.

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