Ring the bells all night long

Tonight at 10, Mitch Goulding takes a brand new look at the government's health care website.  The president has been taking an aggressive approach to letting folks know about the changes that have been made to it.  Mitch asked a local web expert to put the updated site to the test.  See the results at 10.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is in the Storm Tracker 7 Weather Center putting a new forecast together so you know exactly what to expect from the weather where you live.  Much, much, much colder weather is on the way.  Watch Mark at 10 and he'll give you the specifics.

You'll also meet the local Salvation Army bell ringer who is doing all he can to put East Texas on the map in a competition that's designed to bring glory to the individual and the cause.  Lexie Cook will have a new report about how Andre Thompson plans to prove he has what it takes to set a world record.