Authorities Urge Caution On Slick Roads

Multiple accidents on Interstate 20 Sunday, are a glaring example of the extra precautions that should be taken when the roadways are wet.

Authorities say the slick roads are a big factor in these accidents, but it's not just the wet weather that should be blamed.

"Basically it's driver inattention," said Department of Public Safety Trooper Roy Tower. "We've got everything from people talking on the cell phones, to people being distracted by children."
"If it's raining one slow down, two pay attention to what's going on in front of you, three get off the cell phone."

Trooper Tower says a little common sense can go a long way when it comes to staying safe.

"Pull over if you have to get after your children, pull over if you have to talk on the cell phone, pull over if you need to find out where you are on the road, stop and think about what's going on around you when you're driving in the rain."

When the roads are wet, authorities recommend driving at least 10 mph under the posted speed limit. They also say paying attention to what is in front of you can help avoid accidents. Overall they say when it's wet, use a lot more caution and always wear a seat belt.

Chris Gibson, reporting