Historic Highway 80 Garage Sale Begins

The historic highway 80 garage sale is underway from Louisiana to west of Dallas on the old roadway. Hidden treasure hunters were out in force today enjoying the second annual "shopping spree" down highway 80... And merchants are looking forward to not only making sales, but the influx of customers.

"Oh it's been fabulous , all kinds of people come out, we've made new friends and old friends have come by" said Harrison county business owner Jeanie Hanks.

Despite drizzling rain, people were coming out, some traveling some distance to get to east Texas.

"I like where you can just go up the road and find anything you want , every shop is different" said Houston shopper Jeanette Cray.

Theres no real objective, no one item they're looking for... Just the off chance that you'll run across something or someone interesting. The sale continues Sunday and again next weekend. Bob Hallmark reporting.